Dang , I don’t like being told I HAVE to do something every friggin week. Yes, I am a 15 year old at heart.   But I do believe in doing what my heart calls, knowing what is most important is always shown to me. So here goes.

I sit down at my beautiful Mission style library and People magazine is laying on the only available table.‘25 most intriguing people of 2015 ‘. Schumer is on the cover. I roll my eyes. Darn, and I thought I had spared moms  my rants on Lindsey and Miley C. But then comes Schumer. She is categorized as a sex comedian.

Confession: I originally had done a vlog.  My mom like rant began by sharing this young female’s distortedness on sex and love–after seeing her on HBO after a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. The next evening, I turn on the last 45 minutes of … Sickening Shades of Gray. I see a twenty year old being slapped on the rear, then tied up with red straps by some nut case. The third night, I surrender. “Try Netflix Mimmy! “ Yet another ‘how low can we go show’.It opens up with two young adults going at it. The condom breaks, they run to the drug store in an UBER car for the morning after pill. He gets out of the car and says something like, “Hey, I enjoyed it. I’ll call you for coffee some time.” It was a hook up. No real connection other than physical.

In my video rant I had gone straight to where I always do. Someone’s 11 year old daughter spends the night at a friend’s home. They turn on HBO, and see Schumer’s special and hear her share on how getting it on with a guy or having him going down on her – and she didn’t even like him- and how it was so…” Yada yada. Then the following night (mind you- these were on at 7:30 and 8 pm) Yep, every 11- 16 year old will learn much from those shows. Not.

But she’s making big bucks, she doesn’t think, “what will my 11 year old niece, or God forbid future 11 year old child think one day’. So what the _____. I’ll do sex comedy.’ Cool, like yap to the world your S – E – X life. And make sure its degrading…but funny.

I learned one thing from Schumer’s HBO sex comedy special. She has yet to experience love and… and much more damaging in the long run, she has yet to learn to honor herself, the specialness of physical intimacy and making love. And if she keeps it up; she never will.

Message to Amy: I’m sorry Amy, I really am, that someone forgot to tell you ‘you are so much more than you know, ‘How guys think”, and some other basics your generation missed. Again, NOT YOUR FAULT! But you are an adult now. Begin your research for going to a higher ground. In my book YBG, The soon to be 8th grader who got on her knees 3 times at camp back in 96? – She Amy, is your age today. I often wonder how her heart is, her disease risk status, and how getting blown off, a lot has affected her.

IN WAITING (like love making with the right person) is the birth of some help:

For females from 19 to 30 something, I have a book in editing appropriately entitled Get off Your Knees. Until then, perhaps YBG can help your warped perspective; totally the fault of ….not just the 5 big media giants but valueless, boundary-less, class- less money making humanoids on the boob tube (internet).

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