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I’m embarrassed. I did not do a ‘blog’ in March. I was geared up to do a 2nd one in February on love and romance, being that girls experiencing real communication and romance is part of my reason for having written Y B G.  I got sideswiped by an over the top Ted Talk.  It was detailed information on young males and pornography. I literally stopped everything for 3 weeks to process it.   My dilemma was whether to share it with you or not. At first I thought – no way.  I quickly realized that if I was a mother of a tween or teen girl, I would want to know what Gail Dines dared to share in her UK Ted talk.  Why? Because information is power and this is a must share.

Today what the average boy 12 ½ to 15 is exposed to is mind blowing and heart breaking.  Not to mention all the older males that view pornography frequently. The content I did not want to believe. Then again Gail Dines, the mother of two boys, took five years of her life to research this modern day atrocity.

Here’s the good news.  You can choose to be part of a very big cultural shift. Have you noticed that we are going through a planetary crisis, in every area of life on earth?  A conscious shift is happening.  And it will take each of us to be willing to stay conscious for great change to happen.

There is great hope.  Real change always starts with small groups. So, I decided not to hide information from you. I can afford not to. Why? Because no one is paying me to be careful about what I say…or will “lose my j – o –b.”  Yes, freedom has its price.

Please don’t hate the messenger. Do though, put on your big girl panties or big guy boxers and watch this PowerfulTed Talk on You Tube.  If a woman can get her doctorate in Sociology and study this for five years, we can be brave enough to watch it.  Please go to www.GailDines.com and click on Ted Talk.

Hang in there. Help is on the way. And YOU are part of this help.



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