IMG_3972I was standing in line with some wonderful people in Santa Monica., One was a  mother of two girls 13 and 18 and a son 16.They have lived all over the world and today are back in Southern California.  She loves YBG‘s message and proceeded to tell me a story of how her son was approached by a 15 year old girl sexually. He backed off and told her no. The girl then began to  start rumors about him. She said he was gay and much teasing began. She posted it on Facebook and a few other social media sites.  He was and is still effected by it today.

Sadly this story is not new. In fact it reminds me of an incident way back-  where I thought ….maybe that my first love was weird just because he was ok with just kissing and making out!   Though I knew  I was not  going to go any a Senior in high school, in my weird insecure teen head, I began to doubt him.  He was such a gem. He told me I was nuts when I rudely blurted out,”What’s going on are you gay? ” He didn’t argue back but looked at me perplexed.  What an idiot I was. I almost lost my date to the prom! I also would have lost the first perfect and real love of my life, had I not apologized and realized that many guys in high school are content to but be romantic, kiss and are ok with light sexual play – meaning no below the belt activity.

This story is embarrassing, but one of many that girls need to read about, talk about and learn from. Standing later, in this same line – a mother shared that a friend, has a 13 year old daughter who is a musical prodigy. The mother put her in one of the finest schools in the country. A few weeks a go the mom saw on her daughter’s cell phone a photo she had sent a boy.  Her pants were unzipped. The mother is crushed. Where does she begin?

Talk casually, share and ask goofy and funny questions! Yes, yap until she screams “MOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM… Stop!!”  You too Dad!

I am so frustrated my book is not out yet. But it is in the hands of a wonderful editor that took me 2 1/2  years to be graced with. Perhaps I should post a chapter- that can help you – the parent or grandparent get started on the Art and practice of sharing with your teen on Love sexual intimacy and boys.. They want it, they need it and will one day thank you for it.  They are never too old. Or,   why would every  20 something female I meet and share the book’s concept with say, “Can I read it when your finished?

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