A clip from Chapter 1  Female City

So why are so many girls often acting like guys, being aggressive sexually, knowing they will be tossed aside?  It is directly connected to why many American young men are disrespecting females and getting away with it.  I heard this great rock song recently entitled ‘Glory of Love’.   “I am a man who will fight for your honor…all in the name of the glory of love.” It’s a friggin rock band singing it! It is so powerful that the music and the words can create feelings of love just by listening to it! It’s by Peter Cetera. Check it out. I often ask girls “So where is the l-o-v-e in songs today?” A great twenty-year-old shared with me, “Oh, we have to find one of the old songs for that.” Listening to songs of love (Rock or slow) was part of the core of being a teen or young adult at one time.

Did you know most teen boys are uncomfortable with all the overt sex talk and girls chasing them? I know you are young, but you can get this. And it is crucial you do for the sake of your body, mind, heart, or unique Spirit…and your future!

Ask yourself the following:

  • “How do I feel about the subject of love and sex?
  • How do I feel about sexual activity and no love?
  • “Am I being fooled and tricked into believing what the media projects?”
  • “How can I make informed decisions about my life and be true to my values?”
  • “What are my values?”
  • “Am I really supposed to like and want what guys like?” (Absolutely not.)

The truth is that love and sexuality are not easy to discuss.  Parents often don’t know where to start, especially in today’s world.  If you have a mom, aunt or willing grandmother, ask her to read the first chapter of the book. You read the same chapter.  Now share with each other. Do this only if you trust that this relative has your best interest at heart, and that they can be kind and open. You may feel better reading YBG by yourself.  And that’s perfectly fine. Hey, your mom just might be young enough that you both learn something new together!  Life skills are absolutely something you both can do.  However, do them on your own and then share together.  If you are a bit uncomfortable it’s ok.




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