So, love month slipped right by me? No way!  I have been hyper- focused on the book’s final edit. But I did find time to deliver 18 flower arrangements on the 14th day of February.

Love is a feeling as well as an action. And having a significant other, husband or boyfriend… wasn’t necessary this year.

I felt love and listened to cool music the entire day and had a Prius full of flowers and balloons! Action does it sometimes. But so, does having a wonderful history of having fallen in love … many times.  And when a girl skips learning communication, learning to trust another, flirting and affection during adolescence- they are robbed of amazing experiences and memories.

 The ‘feeling the love’ and romance factor was a big reason for writing Y B G.  The other of course is loving one’s self, the tools, and keeping self-respect and esteem intact.  Sexual intimacy before the dance of romance and love – makes the above close to impossible.  Here’s to Love Day… on March first!


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