Taken From Ch. 2  A Brief History of Sex... under  The Seventies

Unspoken but adhered to standards for sexual activity outside of marriage helped both sexes in three crucial areas.  A young woman was pretty good at staying connected to her heart.  Her standards helped the male have respect for her. Respect for women on many levels was higher in some areas than we are seeing today.  Feeling used and being known as an “easy lay” was a horrible feeling and the consequence was often a lower sense of self   .If a girl threw out her standards and boundaries for a guy she only kind of liked.. and he only kind of liked her –  it was very often a deal breaker. Most girls knew how guys thought.  An example: “Man, I want this chick (physically) but if she puts out…I may dump her.” Oops.Though females liked being respected by friends and family and if her V B S was present she wanted to feel respect for herself.  And in all honesty, when drugs or alcohol entered the scene..her V B S sometimes went out  the window.

Today, to be respected and loved is still what most females want . It is also what the a guy wants in a girl they ultimately fall for.

Discuss with a parent or trusted adult – Has it changed?


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