First Experiences

Honor Thyself

Have you ever had a boy take your hand and hold it and you had no idea he was going to do this? What about the first time you experience watching a movie with a boy you like a lot? Imagine him putting his arm around you. How might that feel? What about that first kiss from someone you are crazy about? Can you imagine (or remember for older girls) that sweet lip press on your cheek or kiss from a guy you really like?  How will (did) that feel? What about the charge of electricity going through you…like completely! You are happy.

Guess what. You can kiss these first one of a kind life experiences goodbye should you decide it’s easier to get drunk as a young teen. “But whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?” whines the little Valley Girl.

The purpose of alcohol and drugs is to numb out, a little or a lot. That natural electrical charge from a first experience will have a major glitch in its circuit after one drink or hit of something (like weed). Weed may come from the earth and wine from grapes, but the pure natural charge of a kiss or hand hold becomes a natural high that is missed should a girl feel the need to get buzzed. You simply miss out.  Real feelings; the natural highs of life’s firsts, seconds and thirds are for too many girls today a pipe dream. The alcohol, joint, or prescription drug blocked it. But using is a choice.  And if you have a family history of heavy alcohol use your days are numbered.

Let’s use a friend as an example. Maybe she didn’t have the patience, confidence, or strength of character to just go hang out or go to a party at someone’s house and be fully conscious.  Or what about a girlfriend who thought it a bright idea to find an illegal substance, down it, and is loaded?

You will never have the chance, in this lifetime, to relive or remember how cool a real first kiss or act of affection is by someone you care about should you allow yourself to be influenced by a fun loving but misguided group of friends.  Yes, it does take brains, self- will, and confidence.  So what.  Fake it till you make it and say “Nope” or “No thanks” or “No way, I’ll pass”, again and again.  You are now acting consciously. Let that sink deep in you. Half of all adults are not conscious.  This is a level of being in your mind and heart nobody can take away from you.  You are not just saying no because it’s illegal and you could get hurt or caught. It’s a big friggin’ deal to stay conscious. You will treasure certain memories all your life.

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