Dear _______________,

What am I going to do with you?  Y B G is about a girl receiving relevant information, understanding her personal power and connecting her heart and spirit with sexuality.

Did you hear yourself when I gave you those 3 chapters back in April?

You said “Well, I don’t think she is going to read this. But…” So many mothers (not so much the dads) are not owning their power i.e. their right and responsibility as a parent to share, learn and grow with their adolescent.  They bow out. Even when the tools are offered. I didn’t spend 5 years on this project to see mothers shriek from empowering information and tools.

Of course, she will say no…and fight you. She’s a teen! My boys did too. And yet they were grateful for the info and me dragging them and their friends to sex Ed classes at the downtown Presbyterian church. They had to walk through picket lines and policeman (protecting the educators and the kids) as Sex Ed. was banned in Texas. So what!  My oldest thanked me on his wedding day.  This book is not just about sex ed. Far from it.

You asked both your guests Wed. and this afternoon. “Do you have any tools to help empower our girls?”

No! She’s a journalist. It’s not her job. She said, “Today it’s about Personal Will. It’s happening all over the United States”. When we have teens, the parent must act…and use tools to help reinforce their tween and teen that she has the power and responsibility for her own body and mind. This manuscript helps you share about today’s reality – campus tragedies, drug and alcohol and its effects.  But that is just one of many necessary things, to be honest with her about. She is not too young to learn.  It may even be a little late.

As I heard your interview Thursday I saw each chapter fill the gap – the gap of helping girls today learn how and why they have the power. Our girls don’t believe this when it comes to relationships and communication, love, and sexuality.  This is not their fault.

It’s our job as a parent to constantly share   correct information

and use effective tools, especially in today’s world.

This manuscript has the tools in each chapter. It was written to help not just her but you.

Are you willing to gather in a group of brave mothers (and a father or two)?  Oh, please forgive my rant.

I am doing my best to practice compassionate patience.


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  1. I’m not sure where you are coming from- but I am glad you are willing to tell parents that they must participate.

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