me Deep smile - Copy   Mimmy Loftin is the mother of two grown sons, a former high school teacher and Sex Education coordinator. After having held positions on the Board of Directors for Domestic Violence/Rape Crisis, Epilepsy Association and Handicapped Housing she accepted a position on Planned Parenthood’s Board of Directors. At the time, her city had the highest pregnancy and STD rate in the state. She and the educational director (a former Catholic nun) created programs to educate parents, as well as tween and teens. After teaching groups in her home, she experienced parents growing more confident. They then shared their knowledge, with their tween and teens. Four years later, she co- founded a teen pregnancy coalition with the head of the Department of Health in her city. Both the pregnancy and STD rate came down dramatically.

Today, Mimmy lives in her childhood state, California, having moved from the Bible belt to the west coast. She found herself living in a multi-cultural, multi–religious and secular community on the outskirts of the entertainment capital of the world. She observed confused mothers of young daughters of all beliefs. This gave her the insight and perspective to write a first of its kind guide book.

                  Mimmy continues to write and speak on relevant social topics for women and spirituality in the 21st century. She balances the intensity of these topics with her passion for photography and design.