Communication between you and her is quite powerful. But where do you start? 

It’s easy.  NO. it’s not easy. Not at first. But there is a way.  You having hidden information and a healthy perspective is key and crucial to your daughter becoming confident and feeling safe.   The last 2 generations and even the 2 before (that’s us) have been slightly (or severely) brainwashed. Media in a changing world has shaken our roots.  Sharing about love, sexuality and relationship must have a healthy base created from a parent, grandparent or trusted adult. i.e. relevant information and tools are needed. 

                      You taking action to learn more is imperative. The earlier the better. But it is never too late.

Your Body is a Gift is a first of its kind; a healthy balance  & higher perspective in a world gone astray are here. Carefully chosen information on love, communication, relationship, trust, mutual respect, and romance;  each are crucial.

What we just knew growing up – they have missed because of a twisted media.

       YBG and the tools in it will help you and your daughter understand authentic relationships, insist on communication, affection and romance verses thoughtless sexual activity. 

  • She will be able to identify her values and standards

  • She will create boundaries(emotional and physical) increasing safety and a greater sense of her personal strength.

  • She will be able to identify her feelings and put them in perspective 


    1.     It takes time to grasp the important aspects of relationship & love you may have checked out on.

    2.    Take the time to read and reflect.  This book is fun and informative, but also heavy in parts. READ IT!

 You do know some things you mistakenly hope your teen will just pick up on. It is not that way today.  Your daughter is seeing twisted visuals and poor to sick role models in the media –  24/7

    3.    You are now ready to either share with her …or hand her the book.

 THE GOAL- Parent and child receive important lessons and information that increases self worth.

     4.  Decide if you want to share together or give her the book.

(Starbucks or Forever 21 are great gifts once Part 1, 2 or 3 are completed)

          Do you want to share one on one, Chapter by chapter…or only certain chapters? Try this.

You read Chapter One.  She reads Chapter one. You all sit at the edge of the most comfortable bed and YOU  BOTH  SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS –  maybe answer a few QUESTIONS at the end of certain sections.  Please know you do not have to agree to everything in this FYI book – But full attention to this subject matter is healing and builds her self-confidence. She now feels she has some direction – THE major complaint my 20 somethings say they lack.

 The absence of values and standards have become ‘the norm.’ Church and lecturing – aren’t enough.

  Three Keys to a girl knowing what is best for herself

    • A parent (or trusted adult) willing to share information and a respectful perspective.

    • Simple Life Skill Tools that help her connect her heart & Spirit.

  • Discovering her own V B S (values, boundaries and standards) that will guide her through life.