IMG_0178FIRST YBG BLOG   9-9-2015

I have something…almost ready for you; a book that eases you, the parent, or grandparent- and your tween or teen daughter into conversations that heal and reveal. In today’s world, life lessons, and relevant information about sex, how young (and not so young) guys tend to think and LOVE, for one’s self is where we must be brave enough to go to.  So where does a parent start? How does one create a great ‘slide in’; a beginning point? The book will do this. But something else has to come first; something you will need to do that will make sharing this book with her much, much easier.  For now, just be thinking about your V B S – your Values, your Boundaries and your Standards. Don’t panic- ha, (like I did) just be thinking.

After finishing the manuscript, I reviewed a book by the queen of sex education. She is the best at sharing what information an 8, 10, 12 and 14 year old brain can process. Talk to Me First, came out in 2012. By then, my boys were grown. I raised them smack dab in the beginning of America’s Media Melt Down, (internet, cable, MTV) they were 10 and 12, right during the Clinton scandal. I had to think on my feet.  This giant in the sex education field said to do exactly what I did!  I taught there on the spot.  By then, I had already shown them a wonderful instructional cartoon like video (VHS tape) on the right and wrong ways to talk about sex with your kids. My boys found it very funny. It was called “Let’s Talk About Sex’. The song in it had us singing for months, “Let’s talk about Sex baby…let’s talk about you and me.” la la la.  This is not what most parents feel comfortable doing. But, we are their best, most trusted source, and with knowledge and a sense of humor, you will do a great job.

I hope this first blog didn’t not bore you. I write a lot – but blogs? Oh well, if I had started blogging during the Lyndsey Lohan days or the Miley Cyrus circus…God, help us all. But I believe in perfect timing – and this bigger than big subject, and media’s effect on our children’s mental, emotional and sometimes physical health, will have a light shined on it SO BIG that our kids will know what’s up and what’s right for them …If it’s the last thing I do on this earth. 🙂 🙂

When I told my oldest about the book I was writing, he was 26. He confidently said, “Well, yea mom. That’s your thing”. What? Ha. Our kids know us in ways we don’t know ourselves.