Hi!  Beautiful Tween/Teen Girl,  

To read the chapter titles- hover the mouse over ‘Girls Book”. 

Some are funny and you may find yourself super curious.

The goal of this book is to give you the info you need (and are not getting), raise your confidence by finding your  VBS (values, boundaries & standards), build your self-esteem (by knowing the 5 Biggiesand your future love life.

So why aren’t adults sharing with you and being fully honest?  Don’t tell anybody but the last 20 years people have experienced so much change (and creepy behavior) most parents don’t know where to start. I do…so…

 6 + years in the making…and TA – DA!!  It’s finally ready for all girls who want to know more.

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 Oh! Please sign on to YOUR page on FB  –  Girls_yourbodyisagift so you have the option sharing your thoughts as you read. 

I write straight to you  – not to your parents. I have few secrets so they are welcome to read each chapter. Ideally, you both could read a chapter and then at night – share your thoughts. I wrote YBG with a lot of love and a lot of experience.  Enjoy.  🙂

        Your new Great Aunt,


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