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Is being sexual more important than

romance, love and affection?

 O M G!

Love and Sex go together


 A female’s sexuality is connected to her heart and unique Spirit:the essence of who she is

Your Body is a Gift was written to help both parent and daughter create together a higher perspective, practice using life skill tools, and receive life saving information.  Your Body is a Gift  is the Happy Middle Ground a balanced and sane outlook on  romance, love & sexual intimacy.  At the core lies Respect & Love for ones self – first and foremost.

 A father of twenty three and twenty six year old daughters: 

“I wish I had known what you just shared. I would have been more comfortable and known where to come from. Instead, I left it to their mother. However, she was not present enough to go there. Then again, she did not have the information you just gave me.” 

      It is never too late to share with your daughter or granddaughter a meaningful perspective on romance, love, relationships, guys, and the truth on sexual intimacy;  society and media have been destroying each of these slowly since the mid Nineties.

  • Help her connect her heart with her one of a kind spirit

  • Help her discover, declare and own her value in the world

  • Help her to believe that every relationship must be worthy of her

Y B G offers a clear & healthy perspective on today’s overwhelming societal breakdowns, real life story tales and relevant up to date facts on sexual intimacy during a time of deep societal & media ignorance and chaos.


                   Two comments I hear often  from 20 to 30 something females:

   “Can I read the book?” &  “My mother never told me anything”


You read a chapter– she reads the same chapter- then come together and discuss it. IMPORTANT: You do not have to believe or agree to everything that is in this ground breaking heart, spirit and logical manuscript.  You do have to be brave enough to read and reflect alone, and then share your thoughts together. You will find the simple writing TOOLS invaluable. Why? Because they are heart and spirit based and will help you both know more about yourselves- where it counts.  Parent and daughter will awaken  thought and heart processes. Most importantly, your daughter will begin a life practice of becoming ‘conscious and caring’ in all her activities.  

This book is multi -cultural & multi denominational literature  for all loving humans desiring to-

Think, Speak and Act Higher in consciousness and in life.