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Is being sexual more important than

romance, love and affection?

 O M G!

Love and Sex go together!

*Raising the bar on relationship, love and sexual intimacy

 Y B G It is written to and for today’s tween and teen girl. I ask them to think of me as their very cool great Aunt; the one that shares a little more than parents are comfortable with – yet are glad she is receiving long overdue character building information, journal techniques and a greater perspective on love and sexuality.

  The 5 Biggies

Real communication, relationship, trust, romance and love

 The key and continuous thread in Y B G is how a female’s heart and spirit are deeply connected to her sexuality and self-worth.

        Throughout this 15 Chapter Guide Book, you, as a  tween or teen female will come to understand how and why your natural gift of power is activated when you are conscious and caring, first for yourself then others.

You will  grow  a greater understanding and awareness of not just the 5 Biggees – and their crucial role in your development- but also of the following:

       Females are our World’s standard barriers to excellence.

       Low-level thinking and being are not options.

       Our world needs today’s young females, more than ever,  to be the best they can be

        – first to themselves- then to others.


 Y B G is shared in a way that all

faiths, ethnicities and those not raised with a religious background can easily take heart to.

To Parent and/or trusted adult educator:

A father of twenty three and twenty six year old daughters: 

“I wish I had known what you just shared. I would have been more comfortable and known where to come from. Instead, I left it to their mother. However, she was not present enough to go there. Then again, she did not have the information you just gave me.” 

      It is never too late to share with your daughter or granddaughter a meaningful perspective on romance, love, relationships, guys, and the truth on sexual intimacy;  society and media have been destroying each of these slowly since the mid Nineties.


                   Two comments I hear often  from 20 to 30 something females:

   “Can I read the book?” &  “My mother never told me anything”