The Respectful Middle Ground

Your Body is a Gift is written for both the parent, educator or trusted adult and adolescent girls. However, this crucial information is written to the daughter by the ‘Great Aunt’ who shares what you want her to know. But where do you start? The natural aspects of relationship, trust and sexuality have been twisted.

Diminished ‘real’ communication and vast media distortions dare human beings to know what is real. Most parents are unsure; perfectly natural in today’s world. I too was overwhelmed when my sons were tweens. And I was a sex educator!   In time I realized what was missing. Many years of observation and another 6 years of heart and soul searching was taken… to develop a hands-on manual to help girls know and love themselves. Parents will learn this also – as they read.

When we look at what we value and what we would like our children to value, we need a path. Because we are now living in a hyper-sexualized, having sex had sex culture, most parents end up saying little or speaking from fear. Perspective and information are missing.

Have you noticed everyone is going in 100 different directions?

When we read relevant information and look within, we begin to ask the right questions – and find answers. Your Body is a Gift has the What, Why, When and How in each chapter. It is the FYI guide book so needed for a multifaceted subject that affects all females’ self-worth; sexuality.  This is a heart and Spirit based manuscript that contains the jewel all sex ed classes and books leave out.



All ethnicities, religious, non- religious persons will benefit. Be patient as you read. We did not get into this mess overnight. The moment will come when you realize ‘Oh, this is why the author included this’. You and she will begin connecting the dots. You do not have to agree with everything.

For the sake of our young girls and our world’s future – you will feel good knowing you are informed. And as a parent and/or educator, you can help her enter relationship, love & sexuality discussions from a deeper more thoughtful place.  This is where and how we create and maintain our Values and Boundaries; ones you can help all girls go towards.


  1. The 5 BIGGIES. Real communication, Relationship, Trust, Romance and Love.  The crucial role each play in healthy physical intimacy are discussed; many examples are shared.
  2. A female’s sexuality is connected to her heart (the first brain) and unique spirit.
  3. Girls learn how to stay safe by discovering and honoring their VBS  (Values, boundaries & Standards);  the key to self-worth.